Quantum Information

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Quraishi Group: Quantum information with trapped ions

Our research focuses on investigating quantum entanglement with trapped ions to enable applications such as large-scale data storage, quantum enhanced sensing and quantum networks. Trapped ions are capable of generating, storing and processing quantum information. We use trapped ions as the elemental building block, focusing on hybrid ion-neutral atom quantum systems and exploring entanglement as a resource for information processing. Our work includes quantum frequency conversion to extend the operating range of trapped ion quantum memories. Using frequency conversion we are also able to bridge disparate quantum systems together. Please see our Research page for more information on our current projects.

Latest news: Army scientists partner with University of Maryland to advance quantum networking: ARL News, January 27, 2020

Latest publication: Quantum interference between photons from an atomic ensemble and a remote atomic ion Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 213601 (2019)